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Land Freight Services:

As a professionally managed organization Gazal Logistics is affluent about entire aspects of transport, forwarding and associated logistics. We leverage our relationships, systems and experiences to improve your freight processes and maximize the value of the amount that you spend for transportation. Our company guarantee for the quick and safe arrival of your goods at the desired locations.
We offer you Full Truck Load (FTL) services from Kuwait to any point within the GCC. Our exceptional service quality and transpicuous order processing allow you to monitor the status of your transmittal at any time. We also recommend the appropriate modes of transport and transit times for your consignment and there are no restrictions on size, quantity or nature of the shipment. 

Our Land Freight Services are follows :

# Full Truck Load (FTL) Services, 
# Lessthan-Truck Load (LTL) Services,
# Curtain Side / Side Wall Trailers Services,
# Flatbed and Reefer Trailers Services,
# Specialized Flatbed Services,
# Double Drop Flatbed Services,
# Lowbed Trailers Services,
# Over-dimensional Trailers Services,
# Heavy Haul Services, 
# Full-lorries and others


Gazal Logistics Company
ISO Certified Company
5th Floor, Al Enmaa Tower 
Abdullah Al-Mobarak Street, Kuwait City
 Phone: 1828008       
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