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Mission -Vision

Gazal Mission

To invent, develop, integrate business opportunities and solutions across the spectrum of the Regional supply chain.

To sustain The Development of our customers, investors, employees, suppliers and the communities that we provide

To deliver the Highest Possible Margins adhering to best operating standards, effective cost solutions, high quality measures, good neighborhood ethics and high safety standards 




Gazal Vision

We are recognized as ,

Corporation using the Best Practices in all aspects of Logistics and Warehousing Operations

Obligated to Adding Value to our customers

Committed to Growth

Focused on Highest Quality Services, Timely and Low Cost Preferred Supplier of the services that we provide

Focused on Continues Improvement in Logistics and Warehousing operation
Ensure adopting the Best Practices and be the Role Model in the market


Gazal Logistics Company
ISO Certified Company
5th Floor, Al Enmaa Tower 
Abdullah Al-Mobarak Street, Kuwait City
 Phone: 1828008       
 Fax: + (+965)(22430307)