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Shuwaikh Gazal Office

About Gazal

-     The company has a capital of KD 28 million and total assets of KD 48 million.

-     Formerly Known as - Global Logistics Services and Warehusing Company ( GLOW)
-     Gazal’s mission is to Create, Develop & Integrate business opportunities and solutions        across the spectrum of the regional supply chain web to sustain the development of        our customers, investors, employees, suppliers and the communities we operate in.
-     Gazal is certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.
-     In Kuwait, Gazal currently owns more than 200 Trucks and over 300 trailers besides also        owning 156 reefers, state of the art warehouses and over 100,000 sq meters of open              land.

-     Since then the management has been implementing and executing strategies aimed at        achieving great success for its customers and the organization.    

Gazal Logistics operates an integrated worldwide network, serving international         manufacturers, distributors and retailers from the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), textiles, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, oil & gas industries to include military logistics. 

As a 3PL, we provide customized supply chain solutions to companies around the world, whether they need help with warehouse space, global distribution or sensitive shipments.
As one of the leading Logistics Company in Kuwait, our success has been attributed to our highly skilled and dedicated work force, our ability to provide improved products and services, a sound financial background and a commitment to the progressive use of information technology and as such are poised to enter a paradigm of excellence, becoming a strong regional and international player, providing full-featured logistics solution at a single point of contact.  


Gazal Logistics Company
ISO Certified Company
5th Floor, Al Enmaa Tower 
Abdullah Al-Mobarak Street, Kuwait City
 Phone: 1828008       
 Fax: + (+965)(22430307)